My Big Fat Frenemy’s Wedding or Reason 506 Why Kirsten Dunst Sucks

Earlier this week I watched Bachelorette on the recommendation of a friend. Overall I found it to be similar to Bridesmaids without any real humor and the kind of stress movies like Meet the Parents inspire (things go from bad to worse to hopeless before circling back around). Essentially the plot is that four high school friends turned early-30s frenemies come together as bride and bridesmaids at a wedding. Rebel Wilson plays the betrothed and her bridesmaids are played by Isla Fisher, Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan, who are varying degrees of jealous/bitter at their friend’s upcoming nuptials mostly out of disbelief because she is plus size and marrying a cute guy who is crazy about her.

This spite stew comes to a boil when Wilson’s character leaves and Caplan’s character suggests that Dunst and Fisher both try to get into Wilson’s size 18 wedding dress—at the same time. Just so that she can take a picture to post online. They nearly fit (albeit unzipped) until the seam busts, leading to the central conflict that drives the plotline. I’m not sure what most people thought as they watched. But I thought about Rebel Wilson, a single girl who has in real life gone from a size 20 to a 16 since her Bridesmaids debut, playing a bride in a beautiful dress and knowing that the big joke is that two A listers can fit into a dress she would have to work hard to get into. Despite her seemingly positive attitude about her size in an industry, it has to hurt.

I guess the bright side is that she’s cute and can lose weight  if that’s what she wants. Don’t think I don’t feel for actors/actresses cast to play characters scripted to be ridiculed for being unattractive. I do. You can’t fix ugly the way three vapid mean girls can fix a destroyed wedding dress in just under an hour.  Although Rebel reportedly made a vow with Melissa McCarthy last month not to cave to industry weight loss pressure, I hope that if and when she’s ready to lose more that awful scene will fuel her motivation.

I wish this blog had a lot of readers because I’d love to ask what you would do if you were Wilson’s character in the movie and the photo had been taken and posted online for all your friends and family to see. I’d also ask if anyone out there understands the appeal of Kirsten Dunst. She seems like the kind of girl who would go full diva if you called her Kristen.



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from Sacramento to Springfield: 29 miles.

Miles to go by March 1: 913.5




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