Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(yuns)

There may not be a song title that resonates more with me than “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Except maybe “Baby Got Back,” “Big Hoops” and “I Touch Myself.” After all, if you boil it all down to a basic level, what more is there to life than having fun and being happy? So it should come as no surprise that I like to keep my workouts fun. If I am doing run-of-the-mill activities like running jogging or the elliptical, I generally am listening to books or upbeat music or watching tv shows or movies. So the other day, when I was at the video game store with my man and my little brother and saw a few workout “games” I thought, “well, shit, why the heck not?” 

In the case of the first game which I tried today, the answer to that question is “because it was really hard.” I decided that for each game I try, I will post a short review for you here, breaking my thoughts down into a few categories which include: overall, how stupid do I look doing this, fun factor and quality of workout. This first game was called Nike + Kinect Training and it cost me about $14 used. 

Out of a possible 5 points


How Stupid Do I Look Doing This (In this category a 5 means very stupid while a 1 means really awesome, like Kate gd Upton in zero gravity): 4. There is really no way to do burpees and look graceful when you are really out of breath. 

Fun Factor: 1. The trainer was really generic, the music was annoying and the only cardio activity I found fun was dodgeball. I would have probably liked even that more if my bed wasn’t partially in my way making it near impossible to dodge some of the very many balls thrown at me simultaneously. 

Quality of Workout: 4. If you do this for an hour every day, it is pretty comparable to doing Insanity. It’s legit. But I’m not convinced there are a lot of people that would do it every day for an hour. 

The good news is that I’m done and can now focus once again on having fun. Tonight’s activity? A chocolate making workshop in a real chocolate factory. The odds of it being Wonkaesque are low while the odds of me undoing all of the benefits of my earlier workout session are quite high.

See you on the other side.Image


About amber111780

I'm a writer-turned-business owner looking to quell my literary urges while drumming up motivation for my fitness goals by writing about them every chance I get. Every chance that I'm not working, gulping diet soda by the liter, working out, and eating my weight in Sour Patch Kids.
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