About Me

If you are like me, you are curious about a lot of things right now. Chief among them is probably what I look like and what size I am. The first is normal and the second, given the content of this blog, is definitely natural. I know a lot of dieters post their weight but it’s not always as helpful as just seeing with your own eyes. Some of you will think I am too big to say some of the things I say and some of you will think I am too small to say some of the things I say. I understand where you are coming from, having read lots of articles, blogs, and books about weight loss and having, you know, lived as a human for 33 years and having similar, natural reactions shaped by my experiences and world view. It’s okay to think whatever you want about me. Maybe just don’t tell me if it’s bad. 🙂 Without further ado here are a couple of recent pictures of me including one that shows as much of my full body as my short arms will allow in a selfie. I will try to remember to add some more as we go along.

ace1 ace2 ace3





1 Response to About Me

  1. yasniger says:

    Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too. I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.

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